The busy lifestyle of the modern-day parent is one of the reasons Montessori schools are so popular these days. Parents want the best of care for their wards that is why they drop them that Montessori schools with the additional expectations that their kids will be safe at your school.   

To meet the demand of kids safety at schools, every director or administrator of Montessori school need to have proper security measures in place, such as an emergency security policy and security tools like CCTV cameras, access control and visitor protocol etc.

Due to the uniqueness of Montessori schools, extra care and security are ideal to ensure the safety of kids. It can be challenging as kids are more likely to explore their environment and be adventurous at their age.

Security breaches can occur in many shapes and form. For instance handing over a kid to the wrong parent to mistakenly allowing a wrong parent to have access to a kid during a divorce process. The examples are endless.

The spat of kidnappings also demands you provide extra security for the kids under your care.  To ensure that everyone in your Montessori school is safe, make sure to keep the following pro security tips for Montessori schools in mind.

 Let ride!

Install CCTV Cameras

Having a security camera at your Montessori school help you keep a close watch on the kids. In cases of an incident, CCTV cameras are there to provide you evidence to assist investigations, as CCTV has the mechanism that store footage on either a hard drive or in the cloud. This makes it possible for reviews to determine a security breach.

CCTV cameras make it possible for someone in the office to monitor the various spaces in real-time, adding an extra set of eyes to watch for potential problems. The fun part is that CCTV help monitor how effective your staff with the kids which enhance productivity.

To get the best from CCTV, the cameras should be mounted at a good height, pointing at entry and exit ways of the schools so it that it is easy to spot unauthorized individuals. We have an amazing blog post on CCTV go check it out.

Install Fire Alarm

Your  Montessori school need a fire alarm system. Simple!

Fire alarm systems can detect heat, smoke or carbon monoxide.  The fire system is usually installed around a building to trace emergencies. Some advanced sensors can even detect radiation. This is essential as the kids under your care are at the age where they are exploring their surroundings.

Some fire alarm systems emit loud siren signal while others emit intermittent or rotating flashes. The interesting thing about fire alarm systems is that most modern access control systems can integrate or work side-by-side with them.

Install Access Controls

Access Control

Many Montessori schools that we have worked with opt for access controls as an alternative to traditional padlocks after accessing their security.  You can use access controls to give only parents the freedom to enter your compound with their own card or fingerprints to prevent unauthorized access.

If you include access control to your security system for your Montessori ensure that the system disables automatically after business hours so that those with access cannot come at inappropriate times.

Also make sure that you have an intercom system to provide access for parents who forget their credentials as well as others, like delivery people or potential new clients. The intercom system should connect to a staff member who screens visitors before providing access.

Staffed Front Desk

Having someone at the front desk of your Montessori ensures customer service as well as security. This person is an extra set of eyes to watch over things and confirm no one suspicious enters the building. You can even place a panic button, behind the desk, that the staff can press if someone suspicious gains entry.

Also, when anyone arrives at the school they should be made to sign in and out. This is a simple yet effective way to keep track of movement and protect everyone. The latest access control systems allow for data log that can help you track accessed your Montessori school.  That way you won’t hassle parents who have issued a mobile key to a family member to pick up their child; only delivery men or visitors will need to sign in to a log sheet as opposed to every one.

In Conclusion,

With the busy life of parents ever-increasing, Montessori schools will the best option for most parents and for your school to be the ideal choice for parents you need to have security systems that guarantee safety and confidence. Global Sky Limited has over 200 security systems range to help ensure maximum security. To speak to the number one expert on CCTV, access control, man guarding service contact us.