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What is the benefit of a Security Guard?

Security Guards deter and prevent crimes before they happen as well as respond swiftly in case of emergencies.

What type of pre-employment screening does Global Sky use?

At Global Sky, we use the following pre-employment screening processes: state registration and certification, personal reference check, criminal court history, civil court history, motor vehicle report, and random drug testing.

How do you know your guards are on site working, and won’t sleep?

Global Sky uses innovate and technology-driven system. With that system, guards have checkpoints around a location and scan every 30 minutes during their foot patrols. We also have field supervisors who do random patrol checks.

Does Global Sky provide written instructions to their security guards that explain what we expect of them?

Yes. When you meet with or talk with one of our security consultants they will direct you to the best form of security. When they do so they will create post orders, then the field supervisors will go to that post and train the guard. The field supervisors job then is to make sure these orders are met every shift by the guards.

Who are field supervisors and what do they do?

Field supervisors at Global Sky have gone through vigorous training and are required to have security training background. They fill out a Security Officer Evaluation form, which assesses a variety of details including, but not limited to Security Officer appearance and proper attire, daily reports/incident reports, post orders, awareness and overall demeanour.

Will Global Sky respect our privacy while they protect our property?

Yes. Global Sky personnel and staff are dedicated to respecting your property and privacy without compromising our duties. We provide ethics training throughout our company and adhere to all your business guidelines and regulations.

Are your prices competitive?

Global Sky we have a reputation of beating our competitor’s prices while raising the standard of security. Global Sky has executives who will create customized strategic assessments to direct all clients to the best form of security for their specific needs.

What if my company’s size or revenues does not warrant the employment of a full-time security person?

We can provide any request under a short or long term contractual arrangement. Please contact us for a free consultation and discuss your options.

Are your security guards locally oriented?

Yes. We make sure the security guard assigned to your account is either from your area or familiar with the area and they are trained to be prepared for your specific job. Our satellite offices in addition to our corporate headquarters assure that we screen, recruit and train our security guards to fit your specific security needs.

Where does the Global Sky provide security services?

Global Sky Security provides security guard & patrol services throughout Ghana.

Why is Global Sky a preferred choice?

As an established security company in Ghana, we are proud to provide custom designed security strategies and services for our clients. Our detailed process ensures you get unique protection that your property needs.


What is a security risk assessment?

A security risk assessment enables you and a supplier of security systems to understand your security requirements within the context of your premises or residence. It enables the overall level of security to be assessed and an understanding of where there are gaps between the level of security you need and the existing security measures in place. Depending on your specific needs, some of the things that may be covered include:

  • The presence, condition and potential for climbing boundary and perimeter security such as fences
  • Physical security of buildings and the ability to resist forced entry
  • The presence of valuables such as jewellery, antiques and art that may be targeted for theft
  • Requirements for personal protection and the potential for kidnap

What is IP CCTV?

IP CCTV may also be called HD digital CCTV, and the terms are often used interchangeably. IP CCTV uses high-resolution cameras, networked using computerized technology. IP CCTV utilizes network video recording to store images on high capacity computer-based systems which offer better flexibility, reliability and performance over Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Why should I consider IP?

IP CCTV is the latest technology and offers a feature-rich and comprehensive set of tools. These ‘tools’ are a range of image and data software processing techniques that offer superior viewing, identification and analysis. Centralized computerized systems and servers or Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) provide outstanding performance and support COI/DPA compliance and corporate governance.

Greater imaging power through higher resolution technology cameras means IP CCTV captures so much more information than previous generations of CCTV technology. This provides better quality playback and the ability to zoom in on long distance footage while maintaining image fidelity. Key capabilities include facial recognition of individuals, predicting the likely actions of individuals and video analytics for monitoring and reporting property boundary intrusion events.

Will I need to upgrade or install lighting?

CCTV image quality is closely related to lighting conditions; consequently, lighting is a major consideration of any installation. Despite the option of IR (Infra-Red) cameras that ‘see in the dark’, they only have a limited range and their operational effectiveness is restricted. To ensure the best performance of CCTV and the capture of high-quality images, lighting conditions need to be optimized.

Does lighting need to be on permanently?

Lighting only needs to be on only if it acts as a deterrent in itself. Energy efficient LED lighting significantly reduces the cost of permanently illuminating dark areas. External lighting needs to avoid creating a nuisance to neighbouring properties. As an alternative to permanent lighting a CCTV monitored  area, lights can be controlled by movement sensors. However, such a control system needs to respond quickly to catch fast action.

What is security system integration?

Integration offers the ability to interlink the outputs and control systems at a central monitoring station. This may be at an internal security station or at an external emergency service compliant monitoring station. CCTV supports the following systems by enabling visual verification of alarm activation or access activity:


Access control

  • Audio entry systems
  • Number keypad entry systems
  • Biometric fingerprint readers entry systems
  • Swipe cards/fobs (‘token’) entry systems
  • Includes ‘binary’ systems where two complementary fobs need to be presented, such as mother & baby tags for maternity units

Alarm systems

  • Intruder alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Sound monitoring
  • PA systems to warn trespassers off before committing intrusion offences
  • Gates and barriers
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicle identification

What are the advantages of integrating security systems?

The key advantage is the verification of fire and intruder alarm activation. Sensors on alarm systems may go off in response to things other than fire or intrusion; pets and bad weather are just two common causes of false activation.

Verification of alarm activation with visual information from CCTV systems eliminates false activations and helps emergency service response to be correctly prioritized. CCTV provides greater safety for security personnel because IP systems enable real-time camera images to be viewed on mobile devices, so first responders are equipped with live, real-time video and able to understand exactly what to expect when investigating.

How much does a CCTV system cost?

There is a capability to meet a wide range of budgets. The governing principle is to understand what you want to achieve with the system and then obtain quotes for one that brings together the right components that make it fit for the purpose you intend.

Value rather than the lowest cost is the foremost objective of many buyers. Maintenance and support, as well as hardware, software and installation costs,  should all be factored in when trying to determine the supplier that offers the best value.

IP CCTV supports a Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through remote monitoring of camera operation and reduced maintenance. HD cameras with up to 30-megapixel resolution, and remote control of zoom and direction of view, enable system consolidation by reducing the number of cameras required.

Why should I Choose you?

Global Sky is the leader and authority in IT security systems provision in Ghana. The business is owned and managed by a team with a collective experience of over 23 years in the electronic security business.

We speak to people like you every day that have questions and require CCTV guidance. We identify their needs and help them make important decisions about purchasing CCTV and integrated security systems.

A prestigious client list including government and private institutions in areas that include banking and finance, hospitality, retail developments, educational and social environments demonstrates how our solutions are deployed to meet a variety of requirements. From deterring theft of high-value luxury goods, public safety and child protection, solutions are deployed to meet a range of legitimate purposes for which they are appropriate and fit for purpose.