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We are determined to bridge the gap of crime-solving between Africa and the Western World by using modern innovations and technology. We continue to promote products that are reliable, durable, user-friendly.

Global Sky Limited (GSL) is the leading, integrated security company in Ghana, specialising in the delivery of security, monitoring, diagnostics and other related services across the 16 regions of Ghana.
Previously headquartered in the UK, we operate comfortably in the field as in the classroom. This enables us to remain flexible and continually meet the changing requirements of our clients.

In a rarely regulated world of security companies in Ghana, GSL stands apart. Our years of experience and insights enable us to provide our clients with complete security solutions designed to respond to advanced real-world threats. As we continue to deploy our corporate mission through calculated strategies, new stands of excellence have been developed. We have a firm understanding that security is no longer a commonplace function, as now the stakes are even higher.


We have elevated the standards required to combat the tide of crime and in keeping with the ever-changing threats. By providing specialist training, we ensure our personnel receive the highest level of training available and by understanding our clients requirement, we tailor our proprietary training programs to suit their individual needs. We have established enviable policies and procedures that enforce a high level of integrity, professionalism and quality of service that sets the foundation for our high standard of excellence in the security service providing industry.


Owing to growing demand, we design, market and deliver a wide range of security and related services and our imprint provides valuable access to a highly-diversified customer base in markets across the country. We aim to differentiate GSL by providing advanced security solutions that are innovative, reliable and efficient.


Our scale and focus on productivity support our competitiveness. Our continued investment in professional staff, technology, software and systems enable us to provide innovative and reliable solutions for our customers.


Since 2005, we have conducted more than 275 physical security assessments in wide variety of facilities, including corporate offices, campus, hospitals / health care facilities, medical research facilities, schools/ universities, local government facilities, public utilities, warehouses and distribution centres, retail outlets, heavy industrial facilities, high rise and low rise office buildings, parking garages, service parking lots, factories, farms, restaurants and many more.


We have also conducted security assessments at gated communities, as well as private homes of corporate executives, celebrities and higher net worth individuals.


Our Security Systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Mobile DVRs, Tracking Devices, Intruder Alert Systems, Motion Sensor tracking, Panic buttons, E-Signage, Network Security Systems, Electronic and Solar Fencing has help companies conduct their business in confidence knowing that their investments, people and things they care most about are protected.

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Global Sky's Milestone


GO GLOBAL AWARDS. a Frontrunner Award Presented to GLOBAL SKY LIMITED for Professional Services. On this, the 14th October 2021, by the judges of the 2021 Global Awards. Click here to view Award


Official Opening of the Tamale branch in the northern part of Ghana. Won a contract with Sino Africa for the Mudor Sewage project for the Government of Ghana by installing surveillance systems to monitor the site


As an electronically based high technology security business, Global Sky in this year won a Contract with ZoomLion Ghana


Won a huge ICT contract with the Judicial Service of Ghana.


Joined International trade Council, presented our security report on the ITC platform that was selected and recognized.


Won ICT Project with Parliment of Ghana. Donated & Installed CCTV surveillance system to the Judicial Service of Ghana

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