The Fantes in Ghana has a saying that translates ‘It is the responsibility of the parent to watch his kid’s tooth grow and the responsibility of the child to watch his/her parent lose their tooth’.

With ever-growing responsibility on many people, taking care of an ageing parent is a responsibility few people ever expect or envision. The sad part is that we avoid thinking about our parents falling ill or growing weak, after all,  they are the ‘Supermen’ and ‘ Wonder Women’ in our lives always there to protect us no matter what. However, we, don’t feel equipped to handle the welfare of those who raised us. Confusion, sadness, helplessness takes over during this unsettling adjustment.

How do you take care of a diabetic Dad who has lost both legs when you are also trying to find your feet in life and in the corporate world?

Ultimately taking care of parents especially the ageing typically becomes the children’s responsibility. For many families, the discussion about who will take care of Mom and Dad comes on the heels of a crisis. As a result, most families find themselves unprepared to handle their parent’s increased dependency.

So how can adult children, siblings and parents deal with the inevitable challenges that accompany this life transition? How do you ensure that you can be taking care of parents whiles you work your way on the corporate ladder. How will you monitor them? If you pay for someone to watch over them, how do you know they not being abused or neglected?

We know of the frustration and that is why yours truly is here to provide you with a cost-effective way of protecting the sick and ageing parents using the power of Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV).

To begin, when it comes to CCTV some sick and ageing parents regard it as an intrusion of right, therefore, you should have that talk with them for them to buy into the presence of a camera in their home or room. Never act on your own without obtaining the consent of your parents.

You must have their consent before installing and make sure they are aware of where the cameras are. You cannot place cameras at places where your family members, guests and caregivers have an expectation of privacy, such as the bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, etc. This is to avoid the leaking of any private information

How to Choose Best Security Cameras For Sick and Ageing Parents

Firstly, you need to figure out why you want a home security system to monitor your sick and ageing parents and where you intend to place the CCTV cameras.

For example, if you simply need a video monitoring system for the home that can allow you to check up on your parents when you are not there, remote viewing and high-quality video would be the essential features.

In addition, your home security system must have a two-way audio system that can help you communicate with them in case of emergency or inquiring of them if they have taken their medication or food. If your parents are all alone you may need a  monitoring system to protect your home against burglaries, easy installation, smart motion detection and high resolution are the can’t-miss features for you.

 Another feature to look out for when choosing a homes security system to monitor the sick and ageing parent is whether it works with or without the internet.

There are CCTV  cameras with a memory card (slot), that can still record motion events onboard if your parents’ home (or your home) has no network. Your security system must be able to record continuously even without internet.

So if you simply want to record on-site, there are CCTV cameras and systems that will work to your satisfaction without network. However, the Internet connection base CCTV monitoring systems is a must if you want to check on your ageing parents in real-time or be alerted when the main gate or door opens.

CCTV has become important crime prevention and security measure in modern life. They are situational measures that enable you to watch your sick parent or ageing parent remotely.  

Some of the benefit of using CCTV cameras to protect your sick and ageing parents include the following:

• To serve as a deterrence:

 In the event that you are not available and your parent happens to be all alone at home, the potential offender becomes aware of the presence of CCTV; assesses the risks of offending in that location, and if the cost outweighs the benefits then the potential offender may choose either not to offend/cause the crime or to offend/cause the crime elsewhere.

• Capture offences:

CCTV cameras capture images of offences taking place. There have been many stories of abuse of the sick and ageing. One of the shocking ones this year occurred in Australia where five homes that take care of the ageing had its nurses’ abuse inmate at the elderly home. It was so scandalous the Australian government had to institute laws to protect ageing parent in these homes.  

• To Induce Self-discipline:

CCTV could help induce self-discipline by both a potential victim and a potential offender. The CCTV camera may produce self-discipline through fear of surveillance, whether real or imagined.

• Presence of a capable guardian:

The ‘Routine Activity Theory’ suggests that for a crime to be committed there must be a motivated offender, a suitable target and the absence of a capable guardian. Any act that prevents the convergence of these elements will reduce the likelihood of a crime taking place. CCTV, as a capable guardian, may help to reduce crime and protect your parent even when you are away from them.

• For Efficient deployment:

 The latest  CCTV cameras allow for easy monitoring of those we love and care about. In the event of an emergency, you are able to see what is happening at home in real-time for you to call for help for your parents.

In view of this, Global Sky limited is offering a wonderful opportunity for you to own a CCTV camera for your home and office at an affordable price.

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