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CCTV Surveillance

Home CCTV Surveillance


We care about the security of your business and home. Combining advanced surveillance we provide our clients with a complete unique security solution built on cutting-edge innovation and technology.


We launched our unique surveillance systems with the aim of providing quality  CCTV that provides unbeatable value and suitable for our climate.


We currently have over 200 products in the security surveillance range. These products are of high quality compared to the over 1500 non branded and poor quality CCTV currently being imported into Africa especially Ghana.


Global Sky Limited (GSL) provides two categories of surveillance systems namely pro-active system and reactive system.


Our proactive,  reactive systems and accessories we provide to our customers especially in the African market are designed to cope with the weather conditions and withstand any harsh environmental conditions.


In our quest to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers we invest a lot of time in helping them select the right systems. We do this because we understand that each client and project is unique. This is why we have developed a robust assessment process to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Do you want to know all about CCTV surveillance systems? We put together this comprehensive article to provide you with more information.


CCTV is one of the most powerful tools today yet the most dangerous weapon when it falls into the wrong hands. This is because access to it by unauthorized individuals can create massive security problems including robbery and terrorism.

We always advise customers and the general public to choose a reputable company, ideally recognized security service providers to install and maintain security systems. Certified CCTV technicians provide the exact solutions you or your company needs.

With combine experience of 25 years on the Ghanaian market, our objective is to make every home feel secured through our I.T Security Systems, Home Security Systems and  Security Guards Services.