Are you on the verge of becoming a homeowner? As much as it is very exciting, one aspect you should never overlook is your security in your new residence.

Buying a home or property is a huge feat and can have you feeling lost as a first-timer.  I offer you some helpful steps to assist you and educate you on security issues you must consider before signing on those dots.

In this article, I address how you can improve your family safety by implementing the following as you roll in as a homeowner.

Choose a good location

While many of the other guidelines can be implemented post-sale, ideally you would need to select a home in a decent location that has a good track record in terms of safety. Speak to people in the neighbourhood and also look at finding some statistics on the area that will provide some insight into the safety of the area. Look at the rise or decline in home robberies, crimes in the area and even the street itself. Getting some face-to-face advice with people living in the area would also be beneficial to you.

Choosing a location is very integral to the safety of your family. Is there easy access to the police, fire service, hospital among others. These are very important to ensure that you receive the needed help in time should an emergency situation pop up.

 Audit the home’s current security

One of the best courses of action to take in order to get an overview of the home you are about to call your own is to do an audit of the home’s current security. Think of it as a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of sorts.

It must capture a full assessment of your premises. Hire a professional security provider to survey your building if you are uncertain. To audit your current security, you will need to identify any vulnerable areas of the premises. You should pay attention to the entry points, side and back of premises, roof and wall height, among others.

Most thieves operate at night when the building is vacant, thus you should access how your environment looks like at night when it is dark. Make sure your entry points are lockable and protected. The roof can be a target for criminals too, especially flat roofs, so you will need to ask yourself whether the roof can be a loop from outside.

I tackled some of these issues in this blog. Go check it out.

 Install a security system of your own

Irrespective of the home’s current security system, having one of your own installed could make all the difference in your life and the lives of your family. Look at a few options from a security service provider and find out what would suit your budget, while at the same time offering you the best service possible.

 Fix permanent lighting to the exterior of the building to deter crimes, and for added security, you could fix a modern alarm system and install CCTV cameras. Signage ‘Warnings’ alerting intruders to your alarm system or CCTV can often be enough to put criminals off.

You can install some practical security measures when it comes to entry points such as having a man guard post. Make sure that all locks are strong and secure.

Home security without a lighting system is a bad idea. if you are looking to drive potential robbers away from your house, one of the best solutions is to keep your external surroundings well-lit. Always make sure that all your outside lights, especially at the back and corners of your house. If possible, get street lights near your home.

Again, your house may look fancy with those gorgeous state-of-the-art doors and windows but are they enough to protect your home? Be sure to set up burglar-proof bars on your doors and windows to frustrate any burglar. Some burglars are too determined and come prepared so you should also prepare.

 Look at additional reinforcements you can add on

Having additional reinforcements including security beams, security gates, floodlights, and adequate perimeter fencing will definitely add to your peace of mind. These add-ons need not cost a fortune and are easily monitored either from your home or remotely.

This is where security can be at greatest risk. The best solution is to subscribe to a renowned agency rather than picking up someone virtually unknown to you. If you do hire a total stranger, make sure that individual doesn’t have regular access to your house and change your locks if he or she does not work out.


Security for you and your family should be as high a priority as comfort, schools and amenities. Following these guidelines will help you rest assured that you have taken the proper measures to ensure your family’s safety.

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