Many people assume that security guards are meant for celebrities and V.I.P guests only.  This is far from the truth as hiring security guards is equally important for all, whether its a private party or a corporate event.  After all, the security of your guests and attendees lie on your shoulders. You need to manage the people, traffic, and crowd.

If you’re planning to organize a business conference, a sports event, a family wedding, or a music concert, event security should be high on your priority list. You need event security guards that can deal with any kind of unforeseen situation.


The security guards will perform a thorough risk assessment of your event, as well as control access, and prevent problems from occurring.  The presence of security guards can put attendees at ease and gives them peace of mind that they are safe.

So, are you still wondering whether your event needs security guards? Here are  3 reasons to hire a security guard for any event.

Crowd Control

I believe you have seen or heard about a concert going hay-wire because the crowd were uncontrollable. Many shows and events in Ghana face this unending situation of uncontrollable crowds. You need to organize and plan how you will manage the crowd. Crowd management requires skills and proper planning, especially when the size of the crowd exceeds the venue capacity.

Chances of violence occurring is high at an overcrowded space. Also, the chances of potential issues increase if you have alcoholic drinks at the event. When people get drunk, it may get tricky to control the crowd.

Professional security guards have the capability and are endowed with skills in crowd control and maintaining discipline at any event.

Prevent Security Breach

In big events, unsuspecting individuals can breach security protocol at your event by trying to gain access to your event or certain areas not meant for them. This can be a big problem if you have celebrities or VIPs as guests. A case in point is the entanglement that occurred at the 2019 Ghana music awards where the beautiful event was marred with a security breach.

This unwanted situation of a security breach can cause serious problems if you don’t deal with then and if you deal with them in the wrong way, it may result in negative publicity of your event.

 Security breaches do not only cause chaos but the intruders may also take advantage of certain costly equipment. You can avoid all these problematic situations by hiring efficient security guards. They can prevent such intruders from causing disturbances. The best security service companies make use of a video monitoring system to closely watch every activity and recording can also be used as proof, in case of legal disputes.

Emergency Situations

You never know when you might face an emergency like a fire, earthquake, bomb blast, or a sudden accident. In times like those, security guards can help in crisis management because they’re trained to handle such unexpected situations. They know how to safely evacuate people and ensure the safety of every person present at the event. The guards know all entrances and exits to make the evacuation process quick and smooth.

Security guards are trained in crisis communication which includes the collection and processing of information and dissemination of crisis messages.  They have the ability to handle your crisis communication during and after an episode.

Final thoughts,

Are you an event organizer, a celebrity or looking to ensure your wedding, birthday go on smoothly without any security situation? Have you hired a security guard for your event before and how did they manage your event? Global Sky Limited has well-trained security guards capable of managing all your exclusive events.