Sexual Harassment is not a topic for the faint-hearted in Ghana recently. A light has been shunned on what goes on at dark places at work, school, events, homes etc.

As much as the issue of sexual harassment is difficult to address because sometimes the perpetrator is not even aware that he or she is doing something wrong. As comedian  Patrice O’Neal once remarked;  there must be a day for sexual harassment. A day where these issues are acknowledged and stamped out from the offices.

In this blog post, we look at sexual harassment and how CCTV can be of immense help in the fight against sexual harassment and how employers can ensure they kick out all forms of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Sexual harassment is a behaviour, conduct, actions and statements made to or about an individual or a group of individuals, which creates an uncomfortable work environment for the targeted persons and those offended but not directly targeted.

Through effective and comprehensive training methods, employers can eliminate and prevent harassment. Companies that invest in training to prevent harassment demonstrate their concern for providing a safe working environment for their employees. With that said here are ways you can prevent sexual harassment at the workplace with the help of CCTVs.


Call it on call for, but, as an employer, you want to make sure that you are discouraging inappropriate situations at work. Sometimes these installations are to the benefit of these senior officers since there are stories of not only sexual harassment being perpetrated by the senior officers but some junior offices are equally guilty.

Installing a  Dome CCTV Cameras at various areas in the offices will capture video and sound evidence of any wrongdoing and also cut out wrong accusations. Installing  CCTV Cameras inside the official chambers and office rooms of all the officers will prevent unjustified allegations or complaints against the higher officials and safeguard the interest of women officers and women employees from the offences of sexual harassment.


cctv prevent sexual harassment

You should task your human resource department to regularly organize pieces of training on sexual harassment for all persons at work. Announce schedules for mandatory attendance at these training sessions. If you have employees who work varied shifts or outside normal business hours, arrange training sessions to accommodate their schedules. If employees who fall into this category attend training during non-work hours, remind them that it is mandatory, paid training and most importantly tape these training sessions.

Taping these training sessions or having them on record re-enforces how serious you are on the matter. Having a CCTV record these events is important and it can be used as evidence that all employees have gone through training and education.

Include in the training session your company procedure for reporting, investigating and resolving harassment complaints. The typical process is for the employee to first address the issue with his supervisor, then his manager. If he is uncomfortable discussing the subject with his supervisor or manager, the employee should then visit your company’s employee relations specialist or another human resources specialist.


These days, integrating security systems has become a necessity. One of the most common instances of this is when CCTV systems and access control are integrated to work alongside one another and on the same platform.

Consider, for example, an access control system that uses proximity cards. Without a CCTV system, someone who shouldn’t have access to an office could get access. Though occupants may eventually notice intruders inside the buildings, the access control system itself wouldn’t detect anything wrong.

Now consider the alternative: An access control system that is integrated with a CCTV system. Such a system would likely make use of IP video cameras, perhaps with sophisticated video analytics software.

So, in the event of any sexual harassment, the victim can protect him or herself with the access control mechanism at the door entry and at the same time, the CCTV will capture the data of the individual making the entry into the office.

In Conclusion,

Sexual harassment is a serious issue at the workplace and it has the potential to sink business organization reputation and therefore you must thrive to stop it from happening at your workplace.

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