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Capacity Building

Global Sky Limited risk consulting solutions provide expertise and assistance to our clients, across the full spectrum of their organisation’s activities.

Capacity-building is much more than the transfer of knowledge and skills to individuals. Effective capacity-building also improves the performance of organizations, sectors and systems and it lies at the heart of Global Sky Limited approach to technical assistance.


Technical assistance is unlikely to translate into stronger performance unless individuals and organizations have the skills and knowledge to execute their mandates. Organizations also need strong technical and operational systems and resources to carry them forward into the future in the area of security.


Ultimately, at both the individual and institutional level, improved knowledge, skills, resources and working conditions lead to improvements in the performance of key initiatives across a broad range of sectors and issues.


At Global Sky Limited building capacity at all levels, from individuals to institutions involves principles of adult learning theory: goal-oriented, self-directed, experience-based, relevant, practical and collaborative.  We’ve codified the best practices in our Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver and Evaluate training approach.  Interventions include training, coaching, mentoring and peer-learning.


At the institutional level, we help organizations strengthen their vision, strategy, structure and performance management practices.  Our institutional capacity-development strategies make use of a range of tools and approaches, and we select strategies that are consistent with the objective, resources available and time frame.


Interventions can include training, developing tools and procedures, ensuring adequate staffing, clarifying roles and responsibilities, promoting stakeholder engagement and advancing techniques to measure progress toward goals.


Our evidence-based and responsive approach to capacity building has made a difference in many of our clients’ security approach.


Global Sky Limited believes that to keep pace with the fast-evolving criminal world,  institutions need to continually upskill, be capable of leveraging the high-tech tools and systems we make available to them and always have the latest data at their fingertips to secure their environment and promote productivity.


Our training and capacity building initiatives cover all areas of crime. These are built upon pillars, that foster professionalism and sustainability.


We partner with public and private organizations to tap into their state-of-the-art expertise and ensure the relevance of our training so that we stay one step ahead of crime.


Our global perspective allows us to balance highly specific training on particular subjects with a more cross-cutting approach designed to foster professionalism and sustainability. Courses are overseen by experts to ensure they systematically meet our standards of excellence.