Global Sky lunched our unique products with the aim of creating a range of quality CCTV products and a variety that would unbeatable value for money, and also suitable for our climate and more affordable.

There are currently over 150 products in the range and they offer a credible and high quality alternative to the mass of over 1500 non branded poor quality products currently being imported into Africa especially Ghana. For those solutions where quality is at stake Global Sky is the best choice, with our CCTV you get as much as you pay for.

CCTV Surveillance

We our cctv surveillance systems comes in two folds, 1. The Pro-active system 2. The reactive system with over 248 different models of cameras Global Sky offers, we customize the system to suite the client’s needs, with cost in mind, the type of cameras and lese group are carefully selected to ensure its usage would be effective and that the client will get value for money.

We pride ourselves to be one of the best interim of cctv surveillance systems. Global sky recognizes the different in variation in climate conditions, cameras, and other accessories we provide to our customers especially on the African market are designed to cope with the weather conditions which make using our surveillance system durable and we guarantee, that our customers will have value for their money. We also takes the steps to determine exactly what the service user is aiming to achieve, because for every customer Global sky is seeking to build a long lasting relationship with we invest a lot of time in helping customers in making an cost effective decision when selecting the right system as we understand that not all systems are suitable for any location. Hence our assessment process is robust,

Types of system we offer

  • Proactive System
  • Reactive system
Customers must be fully explained to the difference between this two systems, as it does have effect on cost and they are completely different functionalities in both systems.


The following are some of the effect’s customer’s faces, CCTV is one of the most powerful tool alive today yet the most powerful weapon when it falls into the wrong hands, there customers are always advice to choose a reputable company ideally security certified for installations, they have to understand the exact solutions the company is offering, please not that you get what you pay for and recommend not to compromise value for money or you might have to spend twice or more to obtain quality.

With combine experience of 18 years on the market or experience and expertise has been tried and tested. We are able to offer value for money, our warrenty service is equally the best, with our fantasstice support and Mentainance service, our high level customers without a doubt are still with us, on our Africa market our cameras are designed to suite the climate and our service users. Our objective for our Ghanian market still stands as our primiary core value is to make every home feel secured through our CCTV, Home Alarm or our Security Guards services .

making people feel secured and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !