More homes and businesses are relying on the use of CCTV cameras in their security setup. This explains the popularity of CCTV cameras when it comes to designing a security system for most businesses and homes in Ghana.

As discussed in earlier blog CCTV comes in various designs, installation options and price ranges. What we have noticed is that some people desire to acquire a security system but somehow they see it as a luxury and that should not be the case. Crime does not know the rich or poor.

And considering that cutting costs is one important aspect for most people, a common question today is how effective are CCTV Cameras in crime prevention and in ensuring safety around your premises.

In this blog post, I look at how effective CCTV cameras are to crime prevention.  Let get started!

The only way to answer this is by finding out how the cameras work within a security system. To begin there are various types of CCTV and how they work.  Theses CCTV can be categorized into the following

Visible, high definition CCTV

These are considerably high end, and in most cases, they are located outside the building. While high definition cameras may give you the privilege of identifying any intruders due to the high-quality images. High definition security cameras are capable of capturing high definition video surveillance footage up to 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

There are two types of HD security cameras: AHD and TVI. I usually recommend both camera types and we have surveillance DVRs that work with AHD, TVI and analogue CCTV cameras.

They are also likely to be spotted and destroyed easily by determined criminals and for that reason need to be installed at a height that makes it possible to capture criminals and at the same time prevent them from tampering with it. Visible cameras are very effective in deterring criminals.

Your CCTV records the footage and transfers it into an accessible drive for you to be able to find evidence in the event of a break-in. The problem here, however, is that the drive could be destroyed physically. If the intruders know how to access your security room, they may just as easily wipe out the drives after they get in. This means that this can only be effective if you have an automated backup system for the recorded footage. Ideally, you could have some of the footage uploaded to a cloud account on an external server that is secure.

The Hidden CCTV cameras

These cameras are expensive but most are of quality and have good features. They are able to do most of the work in terms of capturing the images of intruders.

Hidden cameras are more effective in keeping your premises safe. This is because they will not be dodged or damaged by the intruders because it is difficult to spot them.

In using hidden cameras make sure you have the right one the meet your needs and able to capture footage as evidence to identify an intruder. You must, however, have these installed in strategic positions to avoid having many blind spots, especially at entrances and exits. We have hidden cameras of all kinds specially built for the Ghanaian environment.

Hidden cameras are ideal for people who want to be discrete with their security systems. Hidden cameras are mostly used in residential homes but some clients have their cameras in schools too.

Live feeds transmission CCTV cameras

This system is considered modern and usually very effective as it enables transmission of live feeds to any connected gadgets and devices, including your phone or laptop and the desktops.

This means that you will be able to monitor the security of your home or office in real-time. Since this uses the internet, however, I recommend you don’t use them indoors since it can be hacked. Install them outside so don’t give hackers direct access to your private business or strangers watching and listening in on your private meetings and conversations at work or at home.

In conclusion,

The various categorizes of cameras have their own set of pros and cons regarding how it enhances your security. You should speak with a security expert before you make a choice regarding your security system. Custom combinations can be easily tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring that all the cameras you invest in will actually help create a secure environment for you.