About Us

The Story of Global Sky began in 1996 when an article publish in the Daily Graphic about a resident in Ghana who were murdered, which the wife and daughter was brutally raped. Interestingly, the police had no evidence what so ever to follow the case up. A group of friends came together and decided to introduce means of surveillance system in Africa the main focus was on crime at the time and how to bring perpetrators to justice, we felt that the system lacks modern day technology especially tackling crimes. We also felt that the industry on the Africa market lacks innovation, so we decided to bridge the gap between Africa's way of tackling crime with the western way which was more modernize.
One of the challenges we faced was majority of the products that was manufactured was for the western world which means temperature wise does not favour Africa's climate and its market at times, whereas consumers do not get to enjoy the full life span of products which in the long run tends to be much costly for the end user. So we decided to specifically design products to suite Africa's climate.
We are determine to bridge the gap of crime solving between Africa and the western World by using modern technology, we continually to promote products that are reliable, durable, user Friendly and the user will get Value for their Money.

Official Opening of the Tamale branch in the northern part of Ghana.
Won a contract with Sino Africa for the Mudor Sewage project for the Government of Ghana by installing surveillance systems to monitor the site


As an electronically based high technology security business, Global Sky in this year won a Contract with ZoomLion Ghana


Global Sky Won a HUGE ICT project with the Judicial Service of Ghana for their world class complex. We also introduced our world-class security guard services
Affiliate with JRC Inc. a renowed security consulting firm based in USA


International Trade Council

Joined International trade Council, presented our security report on the ITC platform that was selected and recognized.


Won ICT Project with Parliment of Ghana

Donated & Installed CCTV surveillance system to the Judicial Service of Ghana

making people feel secured and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !